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Braeburn License

Braeburn License
9 Months Ended
Sep. 30, 2013
Braeburn License [Abstract]  
License Rights Disclosure [Text Block]
5. Braeburn License
In December 2012, we entered into a license agreement with Braeburn (the “Agreement”) granting Braeburn exclusive commercialization rights to Probuphine in the United States and Canada (the “Territory”), which was amended in November 2013 (See Note 10, “Subsequent Events”). As part of the Agreement, we received a non-refundable up-front license fee of $15.75 million (approximately $15.0 million, net of expenses). Additionally, we are entitled to receive a milestone payment upon approval by the FDA of the Probuphine NDA, sales and regulatory milestone payments and tiered royalties based on a percentage of net sales of Probuphine ranging from the mid-teens to the low twenties.
We have evaluated the revenue components of the Agreement, which includes multiple elements, to determine whether the components of the arrangement represent separate units of accounting.
We have determined that the non-refundable, up-front license fee of $15.75 million (approximately $15.0 million, net of expenses) and our costs up to the PDUFA date to be one deliverable which will be accounted for as a single unit of accounting. This amount will be recognized on a straight-line basis over the estimated period to reach the PDUFA date and meet the contract deliverables, including the transition of production and supply services of the product to Braeburn. Accordingly, we currently estimate the revenue recognition period for the up-front payment to be approximately 18 months from the date of the Agreement. Accordingly, we will recognize revenue for the up-front payment from December 14, 2012, the date of the Agreement, through June 14, 2014. As of September 30, 2013, we have recognized approximately $8.8 million in license revenue and recorded deferred revenues of $6.2 million related to the up-front payment. Internal and external research and development costs related to this product will be expensed in the period incurred.
Under the Agreement, as amended, we are entitled to a $15.0 million milestone payment from Braeburn within 10 days following the achievement of FDA approval of the NDA (See Note 10, “Subsequent Events”). As such, upon receipt of FDA approval our obligation will be fulfilled. As the milestone payment relates solely to past performance, i.e. FDA approval, we will recognize this regulatory milestone payment from Braeburn on the date of achievement of FDA approval in accordance with the milestone method of revenue recognition. Following FDA approval, we will be reimbursed by Braeburn for any development services and activities performed by us at Braeburn’s request.
The Agreement also provides for a development committee. The duties of the development committee are to periodically report to each other, exchange information, and confer with and review the clinical development of the product and matters pertaining to regulatory approval. The development committee has no authority to approve or direct either party to take action, approve or withhold approval for any plan, budget, timeline or strategies, amend, modify or waive compliance with the license agreement, create new obligations or alter, increase or expand, or waive compliance with the license agreement, create new obligations not specified in the license agreement, or alter, increase or expand, or waive compliance by a party with obligations under the license agreement. The development committee can be disbanded upon mutual agreement of the parties and shall automatically disband six years after the NDA transfer date. Based on the above, we have determined that participation in the development committee is perfunctory and inconsequential, and is not considered a separate deliverable in the Agreement.
On May 28, 2013, we entered into an amendment (the “Amendment”) to the Agreement with Braeburn primarily to modify certain of the termination provisions of the Agreement. The Amendment gives Braeburn the right to terminate the Agreement in the event that (A) after May 28, 2013, based on written or oral communications from or with the FDA, Braeburn reasonably determines either that the FDA will require significant development to be performed before approval of the Probuphine™ NDA can be given, such as, but not limited to, one or more additional controlled clinical studies with a clinical efficacy endpoint, or substantial post-approval commitments that may materially impact the products financial returns or that the FDA will require one or more changes in the proposed label, which change(s) Braeburn reasonably determines will materially reduce the authorized prescribed patient base, or (B) the NDA has not been approved by the FDA on or before June 30, 2014. The Amendment also provides that we will share in legal and consulting expenses in excess of a specified amount prior to approval of the NDA.
On July 2, 2013, we entered into a second amendment (the “ Second Amendment”) to the Agreement with Braeburn primarily to establish and provide the parameters for a committee comprised of representatives of Titan and Braeburn responsible for and with the authority to make all decisions regarding the development and implementation of a strategic plan to seek approval from the FDA of Probuphine® for subdermal use in the maintenance treatment of adult patients with opioid dependence, including development of the strategy for all written and oral communications with the FDA. The Second Amendment also makes Braeburn the primary contact for FDA communications regarding the Probuphine NDA.
On November 12, 2013, we entered into a third amendment (the “Third Amendment”) to the Agreement. See Note 10, “Subsequent Events.”